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'Ohana Martial Arts Center

‘Ohana Martial Arts Center invites people of all ages to join our classes in Los Altos, California and experience an improved lifestyle. Our training is individualized towards our students to build confident leaders and well-rounded martial artists. Our Taekwondo classes will help you develop traits born out of traditional martial arts training, including discipline, honor, and respect. ‘Ohana is a safe place to release energy and become stronger. We’re teaching martial arts for everyone!

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For a limited time only, we are offering a free introductory class!

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'Ohana Martial Arts Center

About Us:

‘Ohana Martial Arts Center values individualized Taekwondo training with each student’s age and experience in mind. We take pride in applying proven educational theory to our instruction. This ensures our students meet their goals efficiently while reaching their full potential. Proven educational theory goes beyond visual learning. It’s optimized for hands-on, thorough processes similar to a traditional school system. These variables and clear expectations come together to develop strong martial artists and future leaders.

Our History:

Master Seth Weiler and his wife Jennifer Lowe-Weiler are the dynamic duo that own and operate ‘Ohana in Los Altos, California. Master Seth has over 30 years of martial combat experience up his sleeve including training, instruction, and management at various academies. Training as a child gave him an everyday outlet for stress and was a safe space where he found a family. During this period he competed and placed in various tournaments for sparring and forms. Eventually his passion turned towards instruction, helping students reach their goals and earn their black belt. Taking his experience and drawing abilities from his past instructors, he was inspired to branch out. Opening ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center was a dream and it was accomplished with Jennifer by his side.

Why It's Important

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While ‘Ohana trains you how to kick, we also teach you how to use this power properly. It’s not about what you can do, it’s how you choose to do it.

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Training at ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center will improve not only your strength but also your discipline, respect, and integrity.

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In our academy you’ll find an emphasis on Taekwondo and clear expectations for ranks. With clear goals you’ll be able to persevere with an eye towards the future.

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We create courageous leaders for generations to come.

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We take a teamwork approach to training – one for all and all for one!

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‘Ohana Martial Arts Center has everything…except you! Join our family today and begin your martial arts journey!

'Ohana Martial Arts Center

2310 Homestead Rd Suite H, Los Altos, CA 94024

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