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Master Seth Weiler and his wife Jennifer Lowe-Weiler are the dynamic duo that own and operate ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center in Los Altos, California.

Master Seth has over 30 years of martial arts experience up his sleeve including training, instruction, and management at various academies. Training as a child gave him an everyday outlet for stress and was a safe space where he found a family. During this period he competed and placed in various tournaments for sparring and forms. Eventually his passion turned towards instruction, helping students reach their goals and earn their black belt. Taking his experience and drawing abilities from his past instructors, he was inspired to branch out. Opening ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center was a dream and it was accomplished with Jennifer by his side.

Jennifer was happy to help Seth’s dream become a reality when she noticed his talent and passion for teaching. With a Master’s in educational leadership and office management experience, she is well-equipped to make a positive mark on the community. While living out Seth’s dream of changing the martial arts industry, they both strive to build strong leaders and martial artists in Los Altos.

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'Ohana Martial Arts Center Meet Our Team

Master Seth Weiler

Owner & Head Instructor

Here at ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center, our staff is the secret to our student success. We are proud to have a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors. Who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping our students grow. Each instructor has a rich background in the Taekwondo industry and is eager to train the next generation of martial artists. Meet the team below!

With over 30 years in the industry, he has gone from student to assistant instructor to master instructor at martial art schools in the area. During his time as a student, he competed in several tournaments, placing in both sparring and forms.

After a short break in high school to explore other sports, Seth returned to martial arts to continue his training and began instructing. Seth discovered his true passion for martial arts in his role as an instructor. After helping hundreds of students reach their goal of black belt, Master Seth Weiler decided it was time to fulfill his dream and have his school, ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center.

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Our Team

In addition to their technical expertise, our instructors are also excellent teachers. Who know how to create a supportive and challenging learning environment.

They understand that every student is unique and tailor their approach to meet the needs of each individual. Our instructors also prioritize safety. Therefore, ensuring that all students learn and practice techniques in a safe and controlled manner. They are committed to helping our students build strong foundations in Taekwondo. And are always available to answer questions and provide feedback.

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