Juniors Martial Arts (6-12)

'Ohana Martial Arts Center Juniors Martial Arts (6-12)


We understand the importance of creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment for our young martial artists. Our Juniors Martial Arts classes are filled with fun activities and games that keep the children excited and motivated. By incorporating elements of play into the training, we ensure that the kids not only learn martial arts skills but also have a great time doing it. This approach fosters a sense of joy in their journey of learning martial arts.


At ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center, we believe that physical fitness is a vital aspect of a child’s development. Our Juniors Martial Arts program not only teaches martial arts techniques but also promotes overall fitness and wellness. Through engaging and fun workouts, children will enhance their strength, flexibility, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. These fitness-focused classes are designed to keep the youngsters active, helping them build healthy habits and encouraging them to maintain an active lifestyle as they grow.

'Ohana Martial Arts Center Juniors Martial Arts (6-12)


Confidence is a crucial trait for children to develop at an early age, and martial arts can play a significant role in instilling self-assurance. In our Juniors Martial Arts program, students are encouraged to set and achieve goals, face challenges, and push their boundaries. Through consistent training and positive reinforcement from our instructors, children build a strong sense of self-confidence and belief in their abilities. These newfound skills and confidence extend beyond the martial arts studio and positively impact various aspects of their lives.

Self Defense

Safety is a top priority, and we equip our young students with essential self-defense skills. Our Juniors Martial Arts classes teach practical self-defense techniques that empower children to protect themselves in real-life situations. While the focus is on non-violent conflict resolution and self-awareness, children will also learn effective self-defense moves to build their self-assurance and ability to handle potential threats safely and responsibly.

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