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Our Lil’ Foot Martial Arts classes are designed to make learning martial arts an enjoyable experience for 6 year olds. We understand the importance of making classes fun and exciting to keep young minds engaged. Each session is filled with interactive games, obstacle courses, and skill-building exercises that not only teach martial arts techniques but also promote physical fitness and coordination. By combining learning with enjoyment, we create an environment where children eagerly look forward to their martial arts journey.

Early Development

The Kids program at ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center emphasizes holistic development for children around the age of 6. Beyond physical skills, our classes focus on character development and essential life skills. We instill values such as respect for others, self-discipline, perseverance, and focus. As children progress through the program, they develop a stronger sense of confidence and improved self-esteem. These fundamental aspects of development contribute not only to success in martial arts but also to personal growth outside of the dojang.

'Ohana Martial Arts Center Lil’ Foot Martial Arts


Safety is our top priority in our Lil’ Foot Martial Arts classes. We understand the importance of teaching young children essential self-defense skills to keep them safe in various situations. Our instructors use age-appropriate techniques to teach children how to recognize potential dangers and respond appropriately. We promote non-violent conflict resolution and emphasize the importance of communication and assertiveness. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, we empower children to become more aware of their surroundings and to act responsibly.


At ‘Ohana Martial Arts Center, we believe that building strong friendships and camaraderie is an essential part of the Lil’ Foot Martial Arts experience for children. In our classes, we encourage teamwork and cooperation through partner drills and group activities. By working together and supporting one another, children forge lasting friendships within the dojang. These positive social interactions create a welcoming atmosphere where each child feels like an integral part of the martial arts ‘ohana (family). Through shared experiences, children learn the value of friendship and mutual respect, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

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